Corpus Digital is a full-fledged Digital Media Marketing Agency, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, India and Zonal office in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India. Since 2015 we have grown from a small group of passionate & certified advertising professionals to a full-scale Media agency with core competencies in Digital Marketing, Media Planning & Buying, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Display & Video Promotion, Data Analytics, Website Design & Development, App Development and Affiliate Marketing. From day one we’ve stayed focused on providing the best services to our clients and continue to prove it by adding on number of happy customers every year. We have successfully completed over 150+ projects for our clients from across the globe.

The Marketing scenario is daily evolving. As Digital Media makes a path into all our life compartments, straightforward and interactive media such as tweets, status updates, and videos turn out to be increasingly effective. Such opportunities give advertisers a major advantage, but it also engenders increased expectations at the customer’s end. Everything is going versatile, and clients need the services and content on their fingertips—anytime, anyplace.

At Corpus Digital here, we specifically understand different ways to access digital marketing platforms and also know how to unite it all. Keeping clients on the high-level pedestal, we engage in a straightforward yet developed approach that helps us to associate with patrons over each channel. The critical objective here is to develop and evolve your businesses in a tangible manner. We are capable of moving your organisation with great speed. Building ongoing reports, enduring close ties with regular updates, and presaging new and approaching trends allows us to spot opportunities, along these lines empowering us to give magnificent ROI as we amplify our reach towards new groups of onlookers.

We’re continuously going for a better tomorrow. We have top-of-the-line expertise, and highly motivated customer service desk. After joining hands, we ensure that you will never miss the mark and carve out up to date possibilities.

Our Management

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Ms. Sarita Singh

(Founder & CEO of Corpus Digital)

Ms. Sarita Singh is the Founder & CEO of the company with more than 13 years of rich experience in media and advertising. An alumni of prestigious Symbiosis Pune, she is a certified Advertising professional from Google, Bing Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. She has rich experience in handling digital mandates of leading brands like Samsung India, Microsoft India, Dominos India, Unicef India, PwC India, etc. In the current capacity, she heads the overall business and projects.

Mr. Ravi Pratap Singh

(Media Director of Corpus Digital & Alumni of Delhi & Pune University)

Mr. Ravi Pratap Singh is Media Director and Founding member of Corpus Digital. He has a 10 years of rich experience in Operations and Media Management and other quadrants of businesses. An Alumni of prestigious Delhi University and Pune University. He is a qualified management & post graduate in Marketing & Finance. He has rich experience in senior management role in organization like Mitsubishi, Alcon and Accenture.