The Beginners Guide For SEO Tutorial in 2019 | Step By Step User Guide |

The Beginners Guide For SEO Tutorial in 2019 | Step By Step User Guide |

Did you know that 80% of SEO is extremely easy? The other 20 per cent is where things get difficult such as technical SEO, competition research, backlink evaluation, site audits etc.. Perhaps you have learned about 80/20 Pareto rule? Read this guide on SEO tutorial in 2019 to get the latest methods to rank your website.

It says, 80% of your results come from 20 per cent of your effort. The identical thing applies to SEO too.

If you concentrate on the proper SEO basics, you can get ahead of this game. It is as simple as that. That’s why I decided to compose an in-depth SEO tutorial in 2019 for beginners to help YOU get in the right direction.

Step By Step SEO Tutorial In 2019 For Beginners

Before diving into SEO tutorial in 2019 for beginners, it is very good to know what this SEO is all about and how it helps to increase your website traffic and sales.

There are dozens and dozens of websites competing for a high place in the search results. SEO is a set of guidelines that need to be followed closely if you would like to optimize your site to search engines and improve your search engine rankings.

Google now processes over 40,000 research queries each second on average which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches annually globally, based on Google search statistics.

seo tutorial 2019

Just imagine what this number means and how it can change your company if you manage to get your tiny share of traffic from the countless monthly searches. Search engine traffic is the most valuable source of visitors for any site and this can lead to more conversions. SEO is exceptionally important for your internet success.

Here are the two terms that you need to understand in SEO planet:

I split this SEO tutorial in 2019 for novices into 2 simple parts so you can find it simple to digest and implement. Are you ready? Let’s get into the specifics without much ado.

Part 1 – Know About Basic SEO

#1 On-Page SEO (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

seo tutorial 2019

When it is the on-page SEO or off-page SEO, the goal is to optimize individual web pages to rank higher and earn more applicable traffic in search engines.

Just to state, it takes care of all of the things which you can do ON your site like page names, internal linking, meta tags & descriptions etc.. On-page SEO consists of all of the elements of SEO tutorial in 2019 that you can control best.

Here are the 3 main things which you ought to take good care if you’re serious about online business.

Produce A Solid Content Strategy (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

Content is still king. Why people should visit your website? If your site contains information they are looking for then they do see. A user feels happy when he sees the result that serves his demands in an ideal way. Thus, you must write excellent content.

Google decides whether to rank your site higher or not based on your content. Google always need to Provide the best to its customers so, provide that greatest through your articles

Here are the variables that make up a Fantastic content:

  • Brainstorm for a while and then come up with a great compelling headline before writing content.
  • Produce composing a daily habit and you’ll reach the awesome very soon.
  • As soon as you start writing, be sure to include all of the statistics and helpful information in your own content.
  • Without keyword research, the fantastic content fails. Include your targeted keyword on your post’s headline and throughout the article. Select your keyword before beginning to write.
  • Keyword stuffing won’t work anymore so attentively use your keywords in a meaningful way.
  • Google loves fresh content which is nothing but posting new content or updating your old posts.
  • If you write a very clear-cut response then Google recognize it as an answer to a particular question.

At this time you are set together with the content. The next big thing which you need to take good care is HTML. Clearly, you don’t need any programming knowledge. Make sure you optimize these 4 parts of HTML for each and every single bit of content you create.

  • Meta Description  – These descriptions are an increasingly essential area to include relevant keywords for your articles since these are used inside the search results when your page is recorded.
  • Heading Tag – Provide your readers with easy reference points since they also impact SEO. Break up your content into smaller sections and paragraphs to make it much easier for people to read. H1 tags are reserved for your main page title.
  • Title tags: The title is what users see in the various search engines for both organic results and paid advertisements. The title tag outlines what the webpage is all about. When rank web pages for certain queries, Google looks at the title tag and compares that to the rest of the content onto the webpage.
  • URL structure: Adding search engine friendly URLs for all your pages as it brings better crawling. Shorter URLs that includes right keywords tend to rank better.

Give Great Experience To User Through Website Architecture (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

A fantastic site architecture provides a wonderful experience to the user when he navigates your webpage. You have to optimize a couple of things in order for a fantastic search engine encounter.

  • Make your site simple to crawl: Crawlability will be the capacity of search engine spiders to crawl and index the pages on a website. If the links on your website are formatted in a way which is not search-engine friendly, then your website’s crawlability will be considered really poor.
  • Create your site mobile-friendly: More than 500 million Facebook users only use Facebook through their cell phone on a daily basis. You can check your cellular friendliness of your site using this Google’s tool.
  • Page rate: Time is more than anything and lengthy loading times can kill your own conversions. Utilize page speed insights to test it.
  • Change the arrangement of permalinks: Change your WordPress permalink structure. Proceed to Settings, under that click on Permalinks and select Post title.

#2. Off-Page SEO (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

In the above step, we simply learned the basics of on-page SEO. Now, let us dive into off-page SEO. Usually most of the people today believe off-page SEO is all about hyperlinks. No, it’s not only linked, but it is also even more.

What is off-page SEO?

seo tutorial 2019

Though there is no appropriate definition for this, what I can say is, it’s an act of optimizing your brand’s presence both in online and offline by utilizing content, relationships and link. Just to say, it describes the techniques that can be used to improve the job of a website from the search engine results page (SERPs).

Benefits of off-page SEO:

  • Increases website rank: The site will rank high in the SERPs that also means more visitors.
  • Increases PageRank: Google measures the importance of a website through Pagerank which is a number between 0 and 10.
  • Your website gets more exposure: When your site is ranked high, it automatically gets more exposure, gets more links, more visits and much more social media mentions.
  • Listed below are the four main things that you should take care of if you are serious about bringing more traffic to Your Site

Build Trust: Learn How To Build Trust

While standing pages in the top 10 search results, Google believes PageRank.

Here are the four ways that you can build up a trust:

  • Improve authority: The overall authority of your site is decided by 2 types of authority.
  • Bounce rate: it’s the measure of how many individuals see just one page on your site, before instantly leaving again. Content, loading times, usability and attracting the right readers are all part of decreasing your bounce rate.
  • Domain age matters: If you haven’t got your website up and working yet, then locate a reasonable, expired domain and start using it.
  • Enhance your personal individuality: Using a brand or personal identity online is a massive trust signal for search engines. However, it takes some time to build.

Links are very important to Google

seo tutorial 2019

If there are no links pointing to your website then, In fact, it’s almost impossible for Google to determine the worth of your webpage no matter how useful, in-depth or fresh content you have.

It’s the most popular and effective off-Page SEO procedure. If you would like to bypass your competitors and rank high then you need to build external hyperlinks to your site. Do not just wait for people to link to you, take initiative and ask for them.

Be Sure to follow these three variables while acquiring backlinks:

Quality is all about: The quality of your links matters a whole lot more than the number of links you might have. Reaching out into the right sources and extend value in exchange for a solid connection.

Here are the two main factors of how you can influence on interpersonal websites:

  • Who shares matters to Google: If any influencer in your niche shares your articles then that share has more value in the eyes of Google. How to make them share your content? Before you even publish, include them by quoting or procuring them. You can get a similar article with the help of tools such as Buzzsumo and locate influencers who shared it. Then tell them you printed a new piece on precisely the same topic.
  • No of Shares: The more viral the content the more its chances increase of ranking the content in the search engine. See that you print great content what is trending.

Participate In Forums And Associated Boards

If you want to get noticed by your desired audience and also the influencers then pay a visit to the most popular blogs in your speciality and leave thoughtful remarks. Engage more on Quora and Reddit associated with your market questions and subjects.

If anyone notices your comments on one of these platforms and begins following you on Google or LinkedIn to learn about your own brand, then it ultimately leads them to your site which is going to wind up in sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to your blog.

Both search-engine SEO and off-page SEO are highly important for the achievement of an online organization. If you’re performing an internet business, then you have to comprehend the significance of both of these processes so as to acquire organic traffic from search engines.

These are the ones that assist your websites to get noticed by the search engines whenever somebody searches for certain keywords applicable to your site.

#3. Construct Lots Of Backlinks (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

seo tutorial 2019

Source – Seosurvey.org

If you want to gain more authority and achieve higher rankings in the search engines, then obtaining high quality, relevant backlinks to your website is one of the most important things that you should do.

Apart from the content, links would be the #1 position element. Yes, Google cares about hyperlinks. Make sure that the links you construct are natural so that Google will not penalize your site.

Here is how you can build quality backlinks:

  • Construct relationships with influencers on your niche: Find your niche-related communities like discussion boards, blogs or societal groups and create the initial step. Start donating with interesting and related comments and posts.
  • Compose guest posts frequently: There are many websites and blogs which will accept a guest article. Before you write an article make certain that blog is related to your niche. Just because you’re writing for many others, never give inferior excellent articles. Give very fantastic content they ought to ask you to write one.
  • Broken link building: Find broken links on a site related to your niche and email the content owner and notify them about broken connection. Suggest with the similar link from your site and ask them to update their post. Download and install the Google Chrome plugin called Assess my Links to find broken links. When reaching out, be friendly and present yourself.
  • Utilize infographics: it’s among the most popular methods for bringing visitors to your site and gaining valuable backlinks. Follow the current trending topics and see what folks are looking for, then make your infographic using statistical data. Then submit your infographic to the directories like visual.ly, Reddit, submit infographics.
  • Interview best bloggers: Create a list of influential bloggers in your niche and interview them. Ask them to assist you to share on their treasured social networks and their lovers will link to your interview.
  • Find Wikipedia’s dead hyperlinks: Google finds Wikipedia to be as a very trustworthy website. It’s possible to discover dead or broken links there and forward or substitute them. You can use Wikigrabber to acquire the pages that call for a citation on Wikipedia or possess a dead connection on these.
  • Also, assemble internal links: These are extremely crucial for running a successful site. With a fantastic internal linking structure, it is possible to help users easily navigate through your site and increase the overall user experience.

It is possible to spy on your competitors’ backlinks using Monitor Backlinks. It’s possible to use SEMrush instrument to test room where your competitors getting traffic that is authoritative. If you would like to build traffic to your site, you need to do it with caution and knowledge. Never ask any webmaster for a link directly. By doing so, you will damage your relationship together.

Part II: Start Mastering At SEO

#4. Get Profitable and Important Keywords List (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

seo tutorial 2019

You have to work out the ideal keywords for your blog. If you’re able to make a listing of profitable keywords afterwards it is so easy to drive massive traffic. When you have the pretty good collection of keywords then it is possible to start writing content around it. This is important for SEO tutorial in 2019.

Before going to construct the listing, you need to understand about long tail keywords.

If you aren’t using long-tail keywords in your articles, then it means you are missing out a great deal of search traffic. These are the keywords that are profitable to target. Do you know that Amazon makes 57 per cent of the earnings from long-tail keywords?

If you consistently publish in-depth information around long tail keywords, you will find an increase in search traffic and also will draw paying customers.

Which are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are four or more keywords which are more specific that capture less hunt traffic but will normally have a greater conversion value.

seo tutorial 2019

Source -neilpatel.com

Here are some resources that will help you can find long tail keywords for your niche:

  • Google keyword planner: you’re able to get information straight from Google which is the search engine you’re most likely to target when optimizing your website. IT generates plenty of long tail keywords.
  • Ubersuggest: This tool offers you all the key terms and data which you need to make informed decisions. It also offers you keywords which are not available through the Google Keyword Planner.
  • Soovle: This free keyword research tool offers to autocomplete tips from many different sources to assist you to boost your search quantity.
  • Bulk keyword generator: If you are trying to find local keywords for your company then this tool serves your goal. Just enter your service location and click on”Generate keywords”. You’ll be given a listing of keywords.
  • 7search: Visit 7search and click on Advertisers tab then click on the”enter your keywords” tab to continue. Enter your keywords, for example, “Marketing hints” then click on the green button. You will be supplied a listing of long tail keywords.

Always start with your seed keyword to locate long tail variants. You can add commercial intent into the keywords Commercial keywords are those that modify or qualify the long tail keywords.

By using all of the tools above, you’ll have a list of long tail keywords. Using Google keyword planner, you can find the rough idea of visitors levels for those keywords.

At this time you have the long tail keywords. Let us examine how difficult it will be to rank for a certain keyword. For this function, download the SEOQuake Chrome extension. It turns the relevant SEO data of each site that is displayed below each search result.

You’re able to choose what parameters to be displayed.

According to traffic and age for the list of keywords you created, optimize your articles around those profitable keywords.

#5. Spy On Your Competitors And Reap The Benefits (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

seo tutorial 2019

If you would like to cultivate your organization, then spy on your competitors. In order to control your competitors, you need to know what your competitors do from every angle such as for what keywords they are ranking? How are they participating in social networking? From where they are getting backlinks? What strategy they’re using for marketing?

Competitor analysis is a very important part of marketing. An effective marketing strategy relies on analyzing customer behaviour and performing extensive competitor evaluation.

You might be wondering how to get more stocks and ultimately grow the crowd. You can get all of this information by analyzing what your competitors are doing.

With this tool, it is simple to analyze what are the top performing keywords of your competitors. Additionally, it allows you to analyze competitors display advertisements and receive the ideal keywords for both your SEO and PPC campaigns.

This is how you can use SEMrush for doing competitor analysis.

Log in to the dashboard and enter your competitor’s site URL. You can also choose the nation you want to examine. Here I entered “Amazon.in”

Clicking “positions” below”Organic Research” will exhibit the keywords where your competitor is rank organically. To learn more about their paid search rankings, click on”positions” under”Advertising Research”.

This is how you can utilize SEMrush data:

seo tutorial 2019

Input your keywords in SEMrush search bar and it will list a number of websites.
Click each of them in turn and observe the exact same information. It is useful to learn the top five keywords they are using and their top five competitors.
Assess their keywords with yours.
Now, click “Positions” in the left-hand menu and examine the more detailed information on your own site and that of every competitor. This will provide a more detailed comprehension of the performance of the numerous keywords each is using.
You may compare your competitor traffic and any paid visitors they have. From this, you will learn how well your opponents’ sites are doing relative to yours and what keywords they are making the best use of.

SEMrush offers a unique suite of resources to carry out effective analysis of these keywords that your competitors are using to achieve Google ranking.

Aside from keyword research and competition research, this tool also helps you to reach two other important things: one is site audit and another one is backlink evaluation. Through its site audit instrument, you can certainly do a comprehensive audit of your current onsite SEO and make sure your pages are optimized properly for your main keywords.

Together with SEMrush’s Backlink tools, you can see where they’re getting links and try to get some of those same links for your site.

You’ll be able to observe the following information about your competitor’s links such as absolute number of backlinks, number of referring domains, number of referring IPs, amount of follow along with no-follow hyperlinks, type of link (text, picture, etc.), a list of these backlinks for any given domain name, anchor text for every link, number of external links and internal links.

Together with the traffic comparison tool, you can compare the hyperlinks up to 5 different domain names and this is a great tool for monitoring your progress against your opponents in addition to another route to see their connection profiles.

SEMrush shows you the search engine results pages (SERPs) and keywords all updated in real time. As it provides real-time keyword and competitive insights, it is possible to create content that will interest your viewers.

#6. Track Your SEO Progress (SEO Tutorial In 2019)

As soon as you’re done with practising both on-page SEO, building traffic and off-page SEO, it’s time to monitor your results by tracking your search engine optimization progress.

Tools to track your progress report

seo tutorial 2019

  • Authority Labs: you may use this tool to track keyword rankings for your website so you can see if they’re moving up in search results. Create a free account that you can get after using the 30 day trial of this pro account.

Start with those tools to find out more about if your search engine optimization efforts are making a difference or not.

Closing Thoughts About SEO Tutorial In 2019 for Beginners

SEO is not hard. I’ve been doing it for many years and I know it becomes easy when you get the basics right.

That is why I’ve decided to compose a comprehensive SEO tutorial in 2019 for novices to acquire better search rankings and visitors If you’re just starting out, concentrate on a single SEO technique (be it on page SEO, site audit or link construction ) at a time to reap the best rewards.

So what are your ideas? Did you enjoy this SEO tutorial in 2019 for beginners? Do you have any additional suggestions to share? Allow me to know your thoughts in the comments.

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